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Driver Training

CASI RiderCourseSM

The CASI RiderCourseSM is the most current and up to date ATV safety program in Canada. It is the most hands-on ATV safety program developed. CASI is based on the world renowned, well-recognized ATV Safety Institute (ASI) program (USA) which is being taught in many countries around the world. The program is enhanced with input from Chief Instructors across Canada and is supported and endorsed by the Canadian Off Highway Vehicle Distributors Council and all ATV major manufacturers.

The course is a well-paced, low-threat, half-day hands-on training session. This course starts you out the right way! The instructors coach according to each student’s ability and their own rate of learning. The instruction proceeds after a rider has grasped the concept of the current technique (or met the objective).

The RiderCourseSM includes:


  • Pre ride inspection
  • Range signals, rules and warm up exercises
  • Controls and starting the engine
  • Starting out, shifting gears and braking
  • Turning
  • Riding strategies
  • Riding circles and figure 8’s
  • Quicker turns
  • Sharp turns
  • Quick stops/swerves
  • Quick stop in a turn
  • Riding over obstacles
  • Safe and responsible riding practices
  • U-turns and traversing hills
  • Circuit and trail ride

Recreational Off Highway Vehicle Basic Driver Course

The ROV Basic DriverCourse is designed for current and prospective recreational off-highway vehicle users. The ROV Driver Coaches are specially trained and authorized to conduct the course. The ROV Basic Drive Course is a partial-day program that has approximately 3 to 5 hours of riding time that includes between-exercise discussions. The ROV Basic Drive Course includes six closed range exercises and up to seven optional open trail experiences.

The ROV Basic Drive Course provides a training opportunity for ROV drivers to learn and practice basic skills and techniques. It addresses basic operation and emphasizes safety awareness related specifically to ROV operation. The overall aim of the ROV Basic Drive Course is to aid in driver development in the areas of skill and risk management strategies. This includes learning experiences to foster driver gains in basic knowledge, skill, attitude, values, and habits.

The ROV Basic Drive Course includes:


  • Vehicle familiarization
  • Starting out and stopping
  • Low speed steering limits
  • Backing and turning
  • Serpentine forward and reverse
  • Quick stop and evasive maneuver

7 Open trail experiences include:


  • Driving on rocky terrain
  • Driving on sandy terrain
  • Driving near trees
  • Driving through water
  • Driving on muddy terrain
  • Driving on hills
  • Side hilling