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Benefits for Member Clubs

Insurance Package

We have developed by far the most affordable insurance package for ATV Clubs in the province of Ontario, with the added bonus of virtually no mileage limitations. You can now approach Land Owners giving them the comfort of knowing that you have insurance in place to protect them. Proper insurance is the key to finally being able to create a trail network across Ontario

Policy and Guidelines

The OFATV believes the future of utilizing a trail in the outdoors is directly related to how clubs and its members use it today. Our guidelines will promote safe and responsible riding on trails and protect our environment at the same time.

Wardening Package

Our trained Wardens will keep the trails enjoyable and safe for all of our members by enforcing OFATV policies and guidelines.


Signage Package

Trails that are properly signed by following the OFATV approved signage package will ensure the safety of everyone utilizing our trail system. We participate in a number of trade shows every year promoting the OFATV and our Clubs. Each club is invited to display their banner and newsletter at the trade show.

Head Office Administrative Support

None of the items listed here could be managed without a strong support system through your administrative contact at the OFATV.


Referrals to Your Club

Our participation in Trade show, Magazine Advertising, Website Exposure, Word of Mouth, etc. creates a lot of membership requests. These members are referred to the clubs closest to their area. Support From Other OFATV Clubs Our Existing clubs are able to share their experience in areas you may need assistance. You get to meet the gang at the AGM every year. Administration will be happy to contact any or all clubs for you get answers to your questions.

The OFATV Network

Club listing on the OFATV website and network Club Events and Rides posted in the OFATV Calendar Club Website Support and Services available

Constant Contact and Support With All Levels of Government

The OFATV is in constant communication with all levels of government and a strong partner in many projects such as Bill 11. The OFATV in fact played a major role in the implementation of Bill 11. We have since been in contact with every Municipality and Township regarding the by-laws offering our assistance wherever it is needed. We are also in touch with all Ministry of Natural Resource offices participating in the Ontario Living Legacy programs and are submitting feedback regarding each park. Correspondence sent to Premier Kathleen Wynne regarding ATV trail related issues. Our point being that we are the Provincial Voice representing the best interests of ATVers in the province of Ontario.